Heliponix™ GroPod Beta Pre-Order Deposit

Heliponix™ GroPod Beta Pre-Order Deposit

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The Heliponix™ GroPod Betas are food computers (24" x 24" x 34.5") that can yield a full head of leafy greens on a daily basis, or sizable harvests of dwarf varieties of larger plants, paying for itself

It is now available to early adopters for a limited time at a reduced price of $2,000.00! We are now collecting 25% deposits of $500.00 within the next two weeks to reserve your order while supplies last. To show our appreciation, we are including the first month of seed pods for FREE!

Our revolutionary design features a patented, vertical tower inside of a climate controlled chamber made of robust, food-safe aluminum and USDA approved, food-grade plastics. Our design TRIPLES the yields, and with HALF the power consumption of any competing system. It consumes about $8 and 8 gallons of water per month. The GroPod eliminates a user’s dependance on a grocery store for most varieties, and the need to throw away ANY produce by keeping it alive to maximize taste and nutritional content. It is a complete system, and contains all fluid, lighting, hvac, and software controls. It does NOT require additional parts, knowledge, or special installation. Each seed pod is preprogrammed with the exact growing conditions. The GroPod will calculate the optimal growing conditions based on your specific selection of different plant varieties. Our remote IOT support can use our computer vision to provide guidance whenever needed.

The remaining $1,500.00 balance will be due before shipping.