Our Story


      Scott Massey (left) met Ivan Ball (right) while working together on a NASA funded research project at Purdue University. What started as an introduction to an the innovating technology of hydroponics, left them both wondering why there was not a standard, aeroponic device for consumers to grow their own produce. After extensively researching patents of existing systems on the market, Scott and Ivan realized that the design they were drawing out on napkins had not yet been conceived. It was at that moment, Heliponix™ (formerly Hydro Grow) was founded. What started as a dream for these young engineers who wanted to make a difference in the world became a literal kitchen startup in an apartment on campus at Purdue as Ivan and Scott built their initial prototypes which were funded by working night shifts as full-time students.

      "We chose the name "Heliponix" by combining the word "helix" with "hydroponics". Our goal is to find the most efficient form of agriculture, and that means farming with the least amount of space, energy, and water without compromising our commitment to growing the highest quality food. For inspiration we looked to nature, and were influenced by the helix found in DNA segments. Through survival of the fittest, nature has already determined this to be the most efficient shape, and this has been a powerful influence on our work", said Massey.  


This dream quickly became reality as their prototype evolved into a venture backed startup company after winning a record amount of business plan competitions before their graduation. After securing enough funding to move through the prototyping stages and patent expenses, they are now ready to sell the Heliponix™ GroPod to early adopters. 


We have created a facebook page through the link below. The best support you could give our mission right now would be sharing the facebook page to your friends to spread the word of our cause (very simple instructions in the second link that shouldn't take more than 30 seconds). Afterall, high volume production is the only way to guarantee cheaper units, so we can all enjoy the Heliponix™ GroPod!