Although the global food demand is failing to be met, global food needs will grow as we exceed 9 billion people in 2050. Despite this seemingly insufficient food supply, Americans throw away an astounding 40% of food because plants exponentially lose nutrients through decay after harvest before it can be eaten. This results in over $165 billion worth of food thrown away per year in the US! Indoor agriculture is the most viable solution, however energy is the most expensive component of a completely indoor growing operation resulting in razor thin profit margins.

      Co-Founders (Scott Massey and Ivan Ball) are Purdue University engineers who previously designed NASA funded, hydroponic life support systems for future space colonies. They founded Heliponix™ (formerly Hydro Grow) to provide consumers with the Heliponix™ GroPod to rectify these issues. The GroPod is a patented, aeroponic appliance the size of a dishwasher for residential consumers. It grows produce three times faster than conventional farming methods, using 95% less water without the use of pesticides. This accelerated growth rate, spanned over 40 planting ports, equates to the user having a head of leafy greens of their choice, every single day. The GroPod eliminates the need to throw away ANY produce by keeping it alive to maximize taste and nutritional content. Our revolutionary design features a patented, vertical tower inside of a climate controlled chamber made of robust, food-safe aluminum and USDA approved, food-grade plastics. This TRIPLES the yields, and with HALF the power consumption of any competing system while eliminating light pollution and canopy closure preventing lower leaves from receiving light or burning the upper canopy. Only the Heliponix™ GroPod is self cleaning to maintain the highest food safety standard on the market.

      We aim to be the largest produce farming company in the world without owning a single acre of land.

       The Heliponix™ GroPod will establish a new precedent of quality by eliminating the need to throw away spoiled produce by creating an automated food computer that allows the plants to flourish in a food safe system until the moment of consumption by converting highly perishable goods to non perishable seed pods through a device that eliminates the entire supply chain infrastructure. The Heliponix™ GroPod will fight food deserts by leading the food revolution. 



We have created a facebook page through the link below. The best support you could give our mission right now would be sharing the facebook page to your friends to spread the word of our cause (very simple instructions in the second link that shouldn't take more than 30 seconds). Afterall, high volume production is the only way to guarantee cheaper units, so we can all enjoy the Heliponix™ GroPod.